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Made with 9.5 Alkaline Water, Fresh Bergamot, Fresh Basil and Fresh Ylang Ylang. 100% Natural! FOR BEST RESULTS, SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING! It is magical, spellbinding and fragrant, like the smell of the rainforest after a sun shower. Essence of Rainforest can be sprayed around you or anywhere in your home for a captivating, tantalizing experience. Available in 4 oz Bottles

Essence of Rainforest Spray

SKU: OMP0012
  • The perfect complement to our Relaxation, Meditation and Yoga Spray, Essence of Rainforest is just that---mysterious, alluring, enchanting and mystical in its fragrance. It can be used as a mood-enhancer, a room spray, etc...let your imagination run wild, like the untouched, woodsy lushness of the natural rainforest. The possibilities are endless. Do yourselves and your friends a favor by purchasing a bottle or two. Everyone will be very happy!

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