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[Made In NYC]


From our humble beginnings in Santa Monica in 2016,

the founders of Organically Maid have come home to Brooklyn.  

As former New Yorkers who moved out to LA several years ago, life certainly took on a whole new meaning. An early morning bagel with a smear of cream cheese and a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee became a turmeric almond milk shake and a chia pudding for breakfast. Our daily routines have surely changed!   The pace of life became slower and our lifestyles became so much healthier. The days of running from one appointment to another without even taking a breath turned into sitting in a meditation class and actually understanding what it is to breathe. 


So what does this have to do with all-natural cleaning products? With all this conscious awareness of healthy lifestyles and natural foods, we realized how in the last several years of living in LA, we have completely changed our life to all organic foods, non-gmo vegetables and fruits and daily practices of exercise and meditation. This new awareness of health inspired us to change our makeup and shampoos and soaps to nontoxic natural products. The best part about this complete makeover was how much better we were feeling. Gone were the days of sluggish awakening from 5 hours of sleep, migraines and terrible stomach aches (from processed foods). We were on the path to clean living.


But then it happened---looking around the bathroom and there it was, sitting in the corner on the floor. A big bottle of chlorine bleach. I thought I recognized that smell of the pool in my old high school; my husband must have just cleaned the shower. That's when I realized that, even with all this effort we put into changing all our unhealthy habits, we were still using toxic cleansers to clean our house.  Everywhere we sat, ate, slept and showered, we were surrounded by chemicals. Not only was the smell of these products so bad, they were also probably making us sick. Why were we using products with warning labels? Why were we exposing our family to chemicals we couldn't even pronounce much less have our kids sit, sleep and eat with these chemicals? 


After many months of research about these products and the findings that many of these chemicals could cause respiratory problems or even cancer, we decided to make our own products.  With much trial and error we found the perfect recipes! We combined products that were all natural and non-toxic with amazing essential oils for that clean natural smell (these oils will also make you feel good!). They are safe for our babies, our pets, and our environment. They also clean much better than the old toxic chemical products we were using before. So now the best part...we worked very hard to be able to share our All Natural Non-Toxic products with you and your families at a VERY affordable price...AND, we are back in NY, living and manufacturing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!  We only wish you health and happiness!  Start cleaning... NATURALLY!


- Stacy & Jeff

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